Tips on tech stack decision making

When building a lot of MVPs for different startups, the same question often arises: what’s the best technology stack to use? It depends on the purpose of the application, but on average, we’ll spin the MVP up most effectively by using Kotlin+React. It also scales nicely, as there’s no shortage of developers who know what’s behind those two keywords. While the back-ends are usually not that different, user interfaces could very well be. We’ve found that using front-end templates can get you started super quickly. It’s a good approach, even if you have to spend a few bucks on it.

What it gives you:

  • Loads of reusable components that look good and fit together well

  • Template pages covering the most common UI scenarios

  • Highly configurable - choose a layout, colours, and components you need

  • Some offer built-in functionalities like authentication, validation, search, etc.

  • UI is fully responsive from the start!

Is there a catch?

  • Customizing a full template can be tricky. If you have a specific designer-created UI, then trying to get your template to look the same can be quite a daunting task.

Got interested? Feel free to check some links to get you started:

All in all, it’s always wise to save time by not inventing the wheel, especially when you’re only starting and validating your MVP. If you need help choosing the best technology for your product or developing it, hit us up!

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