Get to know your end users

Do you really know the habits, motivations, and emotions behind your end-user actions and decisions? 🤔

A book, “Continuous Discovery Habits” by Teresa Torres emphasizes that if you wish to offer real value to your end-users with your product or service, you must build a habit of talking to them weekly. 👈

In addition to continuous touchpoints, it is essential to remember what and how you ask them. More often than not, end users tell us the story they would like to believe, not how it is.

One method to gather accurate data is to avoid direct questions about their general behaviour and ask them to tell a detailed story about their previous experience. So instead of asking “how do you usually make a purchasing decision” try-out “tell me about the last time you purchased X”. 👌

So talk to your end users because there is always something new to learn! 😉

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