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I have been in the consultancy business for long years, and the business model looks pretty straightforward there - invoice the hours. Once a mentor asked me that if we wish to share responsibility for the success, why don't we build a business model that supports it? The idea has been haunting me ever since. I have been learning about revenue shares, convertible notes, etc. Today, in KoFounder, we are looking for the right balance and experiment sharing the responsibility of the startup's North Star KPI.

The same challenge I have seen with plenty of the startups. Yes, the subscription model works in most cases (don't break what works), but do you consider additional options? Most of the startups know Business Model Canvas. Google it, and you will see the number of templates. It does not help if you use it once in the beginning and then forget. This tool is meant to be used constantly. My biggest lesson was that innovation doesn't need to be in the value proposition. It can also be in other areas of your business model - maybe you do innovative marketing, or perhaps logistics. Or do you have creative revenue streams?

Wait, what? Innovative revenue streams? Yes. But how to reach them with a blocked mind of the most common business models? Brainstorming helps. Thinking out of the box helps. Learning about other (successful) companies (even outside your industry) helps. My world was changed half a year ago when I learned about Business Model Navigator, which allows you to dive into 55 Business Model Patterns. Check them out here. Hopefully, it gets your ideas flying... Good luck!

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